Falsa Identidad deals with known topics in Mexico, events that occur daily and that are little talked about.  Diego and Deivid are huachicoleros (they steal gasoline), a fact that earns them a reputation and subjects them to various challenges that will conduct the main storyline of the series.

Deivid values friendship, he is loyal and good-hearted and, although he works for Don Gabino, his main job
was always to steal gasoline. When he is ordered to kill Felipa, Circe’s nanny, he does not comply and releases her, a decision that brings serious consequences with the Gaona cartel, such as the death of his mother. Before the big trouble that comes towards him, he runs out to Mexico City where, together with Diego, he will try to do justice without thinking that in this adventure he will find the love of his life.

El Deivid evolution

El Deivid has become someone very special to me. Together with him I have had the opportunity to live many new experiences inside and outside of fiction during the two seasons.

The Value of Friendship

If anything stands out in my character’s behavior, it’s the value it has towards friendship.

What happens behind de scenes?


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