My Beginnings

From Ciudad Mante homegrown (Tamaulipas).  At the age of 17, just before I started my professional studies, I decided to go to Mexico City looking to learn a little more about the artistic environment, something that had caught my attention lately.

After months of working as a model and being chosen to participate in some national commercials, I managed to enter the prestigious acting school C.E.A (Centro de Educación Artística) of TELEVISA where large Mexican stars have been formed through the years.

“There are no mistakes in this life, only decisions that at the time seemed good. They are no mistakes, it´s just learning”

After 3 years of study, I began my great adventure and became part of the final chapters of the Mexican hit soap opera “REBELDE” that went around the world, where I gave life to Victor’s character. This project gave me the opportunity to be seen by other Televisa producers and from there continued more soap operas such as PASIÓN, LA FEA MAS BELLA, DUELO DE PASIONES and the miniseries “MUJER CASOS DE LA VIDA REAL” 

In 2008 came my great opportunity in the world of soap operas with the character of Julio Madrigal in  “JURO QUE TE AMO.” Soon after that “NI CONTIGO NI SIN TI” arrived, where I gave life to Poncho Chamorro. Both soap operas achieved great success in the United States on UNIVISION. 

My last Soap Opera for the Hispanic market was PASIÓN PROHIBIDA in 2013, with Telemundo NBCU.  The role of Yair, a character I played in the history, also led me to my first nomination as best supporting actor at the PREMIOS TU MUNDO in the United States. 

2014 was clearly different, a year of adventure! I decided to move to the city of Los Angeles where, in addition to obtaining the American residency, I achieved my first participation in the American market, in the hit series THE BRIDGE on FX. There I had the opportunity to make scenes with main characters Demian Bichir and Diane Kruger, something that clearly marked my career.

In 2015 I obtained the character of Elías Cardona in DUEÑOS DEL PARAÍSO, the prime-time series of the network TELEMUNDO NBCU, starring Kate del Castillo. It is currently on the air in some Latin American countries and on NETFLIX.   

2016 gave me again the opportunity to work in the American market in the final chapter of the TRAINING DAY series on CBS, this time with the prestigious actor Bill Paxton (R.I.P) 

In 2017 began the adventure of producing my first short film: ALIVE, story written and starring by myself under the direction of Luis Iga. This project competed at renowned industry festivals and is currently available on the Amazon Prime platform in the USA. 

In the same year, after a series of auditions and callbacks, I managed to get my starring role in the Mariposa de Barrio bioseries. Undoubtedly, the character of Juan López, who was the second husband of the Diva of the band Jenni Rivera, this was a real boost in my career. It led me to win the hearts of millions of viewers, who put me back on screen as favorite of latin audiences.


In 2018 I played the character of the Deivid in the hit series Falsa Identidad of the Telemundo network, which later, in 2019, was one of the most watched and most popular series on Netflix. 

In December 2019, after 5 years of struggle and effort as a permanent resident of the United States, I managed to obtain the American citizenship, with the clear purpose of following my path in the Hollywood industry and finding the opportunity that would lead me to conquer that market.

In January 2020 recordings of the second season of Falsa Identidad began, a project that was surprised by the arrival of Covid 19 and which, after being suspended for a couple of months, was one of the first productions in the industry to return to work under the new normality. 

After a great production and cast effort, recordings were completed in September. It recently finished airing in the United States on Telemundo and you will soon be able to enjoy it on Netflix and on open television in different Latin American countries.


For me, preparation as an actor never ends and, after each project, I usually take some acting courses in Los Angeles, California, where I currently live.

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